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Innovating the FUTURE of EMC

We are a happy bunch of EMC nerds - Engineers, Designers & Creators. We are committed to make EMC issues in the PCB Board Design process a thing of the past. 

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Human expertise + AI for first-try EMC compliance.

Driven by our passion for innovation and based on our profound understanding of EMC as well as the power of AI, we build seamless solutions to eradicate your EMC issues.


Clients that trust MITAI as their EMC Compliance partner.

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Reinhard Neureiter

General Manager & Co-Founder

James Nelson

Head of Technology
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Manfred Philipigh

Sales Manager
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Ignacio De Mendizabal

EMC Expert
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Rahul Jaglan

Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Monalisa Nayak

Data Scientist

Julian Koepke

Software Engineer
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Amjad Alkhatib

Full-Stack Developer

Panagiota Dedousi

Electronics Engineer

Sarange Tonge

Sales (Working Student)

Our Mission

Mitai's mission is to become the industry standard to achieve first time right EMC compliance for designing electronic products.


How we work

We believe that working with joy and passion is key to creativity, innovation and productivity. We follow our imaginations and have a good time during work. Our open-plan office is always buzzing with activity, and we love nothing more than spending time together brainstorming new ideas or just kicking back with a game of table soccer in one of our co-creation rooms.


Our values

At Mitai, our values drive everything. We're dedicated to innovation, integrity, and inclusivity. These principles ensure our Al solutions excel while upholding ethical standards. We prioritize transparency, collaboration, and positive impact.

Together, we're shaping a brighter, Al-enhanced future.


EMC Compliance:
Simple, Secure, Successful.

No more delays in product launches or costly re-designs and re-spins. Simplify your PCB design process with mitai's AI infused EMC consulting.