Boost your PCB design speed to meet EMC
standards with Mitai.

Artificial intelligence platform enables designers & engineers to resolve EMC/EMI problems before they happen in their designs. Meet the easy solution to help launch your products fast.


Experience the power of AI in three easy steps…

Import your data
Import your data
We analyze it
We analyze it
Unlock EMC insights
Unlock EMC insights

Avoid expensive redesigns

Discover EMC problems early to avoid the cost, time, and frustration of redesigning the board.

Reduce risk of product launch delays

We don't just check, we recommend solutions to the EMC problems we discover. By following our recommendations, we help you avoid expensive project overruns.

Time is money

Delays to product launches, extra time spent retesting, or having to build in redesign work to your schedule, it all adds up to expensive cost overruns.

No training required

No expensive tool or expert training needed. Just upload your design data and hit the button.

How Mitai can reduce EMC risk and complexity in your PCB design


Our software scans your PCB designs for potential EMC problems and provides you with an overview of the detected top issues.


Mitai then provides you with recommendations and explanations to optimise your design for EMC testing.


Chat with one of our EMC experts for deeper analysis.


Upload your designs as many times as you want for continuous improvement.


Integration made easy

Mitai accepts data from all major design tools.


More tools coming soon.

Get AI-based actionable insights

We explain where the board is likely to fail EMC based on our expert rule checker. Then our recommendation engine explains what actions need to be taken to solve them before they become a problem.


Simple Plans, Flexible Pricing

No hidden fees!
Choose the plan that fits your need and start saving time & money on your next EMC test.

Your EMC compliance simplified

Prevent product design setbacks and start saving money.

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